Air purifiers reduce sick days

During 16 weeks in autumn 2018, Albion Nordic AB placed Coway air purifiers at Enögla preschool in Enköping, Sweden. The test took place between August and November 2018. The preschool has ten departments with 150 children, and five of the departments were equipped with air purifiers, two in each department. In order to be able to compare the outcome of sick leave, statistics were conducted in all departments.

The purpose of the test was to find out if air purifiers could reduce sick leave for children at a preschool. Sick leave forms were issued in all departments, whether they had air purifiers or not. The staff were instructed to note every sick day for every child and, as far as possible, only to note sick leave that has to do with airborne illnesses. Therefore they did not account for bone fractures, vacations, abrasions, eye or ear inflammation and similar types of absence.

The result

The test showed almost 20 % lower sickness leave for the departments with air purifiers, compared to those without.

323 absentee days at the five departments with air purifiers
417 absentee days at the five departments without air purifiers *

* One department without air purifiers was not accounted for during 6 of the 16 weeks. The number of days of absence should therefore be assumed to be more than the reported 417.

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Air purifier for the test

For this test Coway Storm AP-1516D has been used. Storm is recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic. Coway Storm is a superb air purifier designed to provide the best possible air purification and air circulation, the best possible condition for breathing clean air. Coway Storm is equipped with an exceptional airflow, four-stage filter, air quality indicator, 99.93% air purification, eliminates 99.98% of odors and can withstand a working surface of 100 m².

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