Automatic data collection


A cookie is a small file that websites you visit send to your browser. Cookies are used partly for website features but it also allows us to see how the site is used. A cookie can not access, read or change data on your device.

Some browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. It is possible to block them either all or only from certain specific websites. uses cookies for statistics and custom content.


Google Analytics: Gives us the ability to see how many visitors and how visitors use our website. The information provided can not be traced back to individuals. With Google Analytics, we can see what’s popular on and customize our pages for best information to you as a consumer.

Here you will find information about cookies that Google use.

Information about how Google Analytics uses collected data.

By installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on in your browser, you can prevent your data is being used by Google Analytics.


Facebook pixel: When you visit our website and conduct a purchase, the Facebook pixel is activated. This makes it possible to see how the homepage is used, the interesting pages, time spent on the homepage and conversions made. This information may create a customized target group for advertising on Facebook, a so-called lookalike group. This is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).