Coway’s airpurifier becomes Best in Test in Testfakta’s lab test – again!

Coway’s air purifier AP-1220B, like its predecessor, has been rigorously tested in Testfakta’s laboratory. In their test of 13 different air purifiers, the AP-1220B came out as the clear winner. Testfakta tested the products on several important parameters such as purification capacity, user-friendliness, energy consumption and noise level.

Large differences in capacity

Testfakta’s results (as you can see here, in Swedish) place the Coway AP-1220B at the top with 8.7 points out of 10 possible in their independent laboratory test for the “medium-sized room” air purifier segment.

The capacity is usually measured in CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and according to Testfakta, there are large differences in what the manufacturers show on the paper and how the air purifiers performed in the laboratory test. In last place was Dyson’s TP04 with 5.3 points, but four brands stood out positively. Coway was overall best “thanks to very good performance on dust and finer particles, both at 37dB and at maximum power”.

The focus of the laboratory test was to compare the products’ ability to purify the air from allergenic particles such as pollen and fine dust. In combination with this, all the products were compared on an effect that is not considered to cause a disturbing noise level. According to the WHO, the limit for sleep-disturbing background noise starts already at 30dB, which roughly represents weak wind noise. Testfakta’s test was based on 37dB, which corresponds to approximately 30dB two meters from the air purifier.

Coway AP-1220B – Best in Test

Coway AP-1220B is an air purifier that uses a set of three filters that remove 99.5% of all harmful particles down to 0.3µm in your indoor environment. This means that this product is not only perfect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers – but is something that can benefit all homes and workplaces. If someone in your household has allergies or asthma, it can feel safe that Coway AP-1220B is also recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic and ECARF.

According to Testfakta’s lab test, Coway AP-1220B stands out on several points and they state several reasons for the appointment as the best in the test. A combination of high air purification ability, user-friendliness, low noise level and energy consumption gave the result 8.7.

Fully automatic air purification – Auto mode

Coway are user-friendliness experts and demonstrate this stylishly with the AP-1220B. With Auto Mode, the air purifier adapts to the air quality in the room and makes all the necessary adjustments so that you never have to change any settings.

AP-1220B is equipped with a light sensor that detects when it gets dark in the room and then automatically turns off all LEDs and reduces the volume, so you get a good night’s sleep if the air purifier is in the bedroom.

Adjustable air flow

With the Coway AP-1220B you can adjust the airflow either forwards or upwards. This means that the air purifier can reach far or wide depending on the room it is in. This provides an increased air circulation of clean air. When the flow is adapted to its surroundings, the air purification capacity can increase dramatically, which contributes to a cleaner indoor environment.