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New product: Airmega 250

Airmega 250: the next level in purification for 24/7 clean air The powerful next level in air…


Veito Blade wins infrared heater test conducted by Pricerunner

Pricerunner is one of Scandinavia and the UK’s biggest price and product comparising sites and we are…


Meet the all-new Coway AP-1019C

All-new design We know how important aesthetics can be. If you’ve gone a long way to arrange…


Coway’s airpurifier becomes Best in Test in Testfakta’s lab test – again!

Coway’s air purifier AP-1220B, like its predecessor, has been rigorously tested in Testfakta’s laboratory. In their test…


Coway air purifiers and the Coronavirus

There are a lot of questions about Coway air purifiers and whether they help against the Corona virus or not.
As there are no tests done so far specifically on the Corona virus (COVID-19), there is no data to use. However, HEPA filters (which are contained in all Coway air purifiers) have been tested again and again against airborne viruses.


New air purifier – Coway AirMega!

With the new Coway AirMega AP-1515G/300S you get an air purifier with very high capacity and performance in a stylish, clean and compact design. Coway AirMega allows you to control and monitor the unit via your smartphone. AirMega is suitable in public premises, offices, schools, pre-schools, healthcare and in your house or apartment.


Air purifiers reduce sick days

During 16 weeks in autumn 2018, Albion Nordic AB placed Coway air purifiers at Enögla preschool in Enköping, Sweden. The test took place between August and November 2018. The preschool has ten departments with 150 children, and five of the departments were equipped with air purifiers, two in each department.

The purpose of the test was to find out if air purifiers could reduce sick leave for children at a preschool. Sick leave forms were issued in all departments, whether they had air purifiers or not.

The staff were instructed to note every sick day for every child and, as far as possible, only to note sick leave that has to do with airborne illnesses.


Air purifier test

How does air purifiers affect the level of sick absence for children in municipal preschools? During autumn…


New air purifier – Coway Classic!

Albion Nordic AB can proudly present a air purifier called Classic! Coway Classic AP-1018F is the second generation air purifier and a first-rate successor to our successful model Coway AP-1008CH.