Veito Blade wins infrared heater test conducted by Pricerunner

Pricerunner is one of Scandinavia and the UK’s biggest price and product comparising sites and we are happy to announce that have named Veito Blade 2000W the winner of their test of infrared heaters. We take great pride in this as we are distributors of Veito and it is always nice to get good feedback on the products that we sell.

Pricerunner conducted the test over at least one season, which means that the products have been thoroughly tested in different weather and over extended periods of time. The Veito Blade got positive remarks for the construction quality, water-resistance level (IP55), and the fast heat-up time. Safety functions were also tested and the Veito Blades safety level got well complimented.

The functionality and esthethics are praised both for the brushed metal material as well as the positioning of the power-switch. Veito Blade also comes with a handy remote control as well.

Additionally,’s own test declared Veito Blade as the best premium option. Good reviews all around, we are thrilled about bringing such a great infrared heater to the markets.