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An air cleaner usually has a capacity that can handle between 40-80 m2 room spaces. Walls and doors are physical barriers and restrict air cleaners from ventilating air from adjacent rooms. Therefore, in many cases it may be better to have separate air cleaners in the living room and the bedrooms.

Place it where the air purifier has the best conditions for drawing air from the entire room. It can stand close to a wall, but preferably not closer than 10 cm from the wall to create a good air circulation. Most of the air purifiers have the air intake from the front, but you can find models that have the air intake from two sides. Therefore, be sure to create enough space for the air purifier.

Many of Coway’s air purifiers features a Sleep Mode function, which means that a light sensor senses when it gets dark in the room and then lowers the fan speed in extremely quiet mode. This feature allows you to place the unit in the bedroom, without disturbing noise from the fan.

Take the habit of vacuuming the pre-filter regularly, preferably not less than every two weeks. It’s easy and economical, as it makes the air purifier work better.

Air purifiers, as Albion Nordic sells, automatically monitor the frequency of replacement of the filters. The air purifier will alert when it is time to change any (or all) filters. The interval of change differs between different models. The air quality, in which the air purifier stands, is also crucial for how often a filter needs to be replaced. Each filter kit contains filters for an entire replacement interval. Example: Does an air cleaner have a 12 month interval where the medium filter must be replaced every 6 months and HEPA filters every 12 months, a filter replacement kit contains 2 medium filters and 1 HEPA filter. TIP! Buy a filter replacement kit when you buy your air purifier, so you have a first set at home when it’s time.

An air purifier filters up to 99.9999% of all particles, such as bacteria, viruses, dust and mites. Not all air purifiers have this performance, it differs between products. Also cooking fumes, cigarette smoke, perfume, car exhaust gases and other inconvenient odors are reduced or removed completely by an air purifier from Albion Nordic. Several of our models are approved by the Asthma and Allergy Association in Sweden, which is a quality and safety stamp for those suffering from respiratory- or allergy problems, but also for others who want to make sure that the air purifier’s capacity and features is the best unit available.

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The name “HEPA” is defined by the EN1822 standard. However, even if most filters do not meet the EN1822 standards, the name HEPA is used as a pronoun. Because EN1822 is a standard, there is a test method – but the institution that can certify it is unclear and there is virtually no way to prove the relevant standard. Therefore, manufacturers of air purifiers have increasingly switched to their own brands and names of their HEPA filters (eg HEPA Silent ™, Green HEPA ™) instead of HEPA-12, HEPA-13, etc. Coway has informed us that HEPA is still possible to use as a kind of pronoun, but a decision has now been made by Coway to ban the use of HEPA in combination with a number, such as HEPA-13. Instead, all of Coway’s HEPA filter should be called Green HEPA ™.


It’s always better to buy a high capacity dehumidifier that works properly during periods of the year when it is extra moist. In addition, many dehumidifiers in the basement use to dry laundry while drying out of the basement. In most cases it’s a good solution, but you should keep in mind that the laundry in the same room adds moisture to the space and therefore a high capacity dehumidifier is required.

Place the dehumidifier where it has the best conditions for drawing air from the whole room. Arctus dehumidifier draws air from the back of the unit, so make sure you have at least 10 cm, preferably 20 cm of free space behind the dehumidifier. If you have a hose connected to the dehumidifier, it must have a good fall down to the floor drain or drain to which the hose is connected.

The models Arctus Fenja 10, 20 and 25 are prepared for drainage of condensate water via hose connection and Fenja 25 also includes 2 meter hose. Connecting a hose is always recommended, as you do not have to drain the water tank and the dehumidifier can always maintain a low moisture level. Remember that if you connect the hose, you must have a fall from the hose connection in the dehumidifier down to the floor drain.

Arctus dehumidifiers are made to cope with dehydration in many different environments and efficiently condensate the moisture from the air. Each liter of moisture contained in the air contains about 800 watts of heat energy. When the humid air is condensed in the dehumidifier, the energy contained in the moisture is recycled and returned to the room. A heat fan does not have the same function when the moisture is not led or absorbed, but the fan only warms up the air space.

Yes, with the aid of a pre-filter, the air is cleaned while dehumidifying. This filter is cleanable and in normal use this should be done every two to four weeks.

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