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We deliver climate compensated - in cooperation with DB SCHENKER

All our domestic shipments are climate-compensated, regardless of whether they are large retail shipments or parcel goods. Climate compensation is a supplement to our climate work and costs you as a customer nothing extra.

The transport sector accounts for approximately 22 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, as a distribution company, we have a great responsibility - And a great opportunity to make a difference.

With the support of the Kyoto Protocol

There are many who work with climate compensation, but in order to be classified as serious, we believe that the project must be evaluated according to UN regulations. In the Kyoto Protocol, the UN defined how climate compensation should be done - and through The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) it is checked that the project has a real effect.

DB Schenker collaborates with Atmosfair. It is a global partner that helps Schenker invest in CDM-certified projects that not only lead to investments in fossil-free technologies but also to the removal of fossil energy sources. They only invest in projects where we can see a measurable reduction in actual greenhouse gas emissions.

Schenker makes many other efforts to reduce environmental impact, which you can read about here.


We take producer responsibility for ensuring that our products are recycled in an environmentally friendly way via our industry-wide organisation El-Kretsen. Albion Nordic AB reports monthly to El-Kretsen how many units are distributed and we pay an environmental fee so that these units can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way in the future.

About El-Kretsen

One of the fastest-growing waste categories in the EU is electronic products – in 2020, this is expected to have reached over 12 million tonnes per year. The concept of “producer responsibility” was introduced in 2001, and this means that all companies that sell electronic products also have to take responsibility for these when they become waste in order to close the recycling cycle.

This is where El-Kretsen enters the picture.
When producer responsibility was introduced in 2001, the electronics producers’ trade organisations created a joint service to facilitate the recycling process. This service was El-Kretsen. El-Kretsen’s task is to support producers in fulfilling their producer responsibility by offering a nation-wide collection system.

Since the start in 2001, El-Kretsen developed a close, co-operative relationship with all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities. Together with producers, municipalities and recyclers El-Kretsen have made taking responsibility for our environment easy.

What does El-Kretsen do?

El-Kretsen’s nation-wide collection and recycling system is divided into two categories: households and businesses. The household collection is called “elretur” and is administered in co-operation with the municipalities. The collection from businesses is administered jointly with both municipalities and contracted transport carriers. When electronics and batteries at the end of their useful life have been collected, they are transported to El-Kretsen’s specialized recycling plants to be taken apart. After they have been disassembled and sorted, hazardous waste is taken care of and different components are turned into new raw materials or energy.

What is El-Kretsen?

El-Kretsen is a non-profitmaking business, with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, owned by 19 trade organisations. El-Kretsen’s business is small, but efficient. El-Kretsen share a desire to offer their customers quality solutions which take responsibility for both finances and the environment.

Click here to see our El-Kretsen certificate.

Solar Panels

The properties where we have our office and warehouse are owned and managed by Rednannik AB, which has the same owner as Albion Nordic AB. In the spring of 2021, the real estate company Rednannik AB installed solar panels on our roofs, which gives us an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint.