Our brands

Working with our partners in a sustainable and responsible way

Bringing innovative, effective, high-quality products to our consumers around the world has always been Albion Nordics mission. To do this, we select partners who are experts in their field, and with whom we can build a long-term relationship and co-create sustainable innovations.

These partners work with us at every stage of the supply chain, with one essential requirement: to act in a responsible and ethical way. Our purchasing policy is based on meeting strict ethical, environmental and social requirements, in order to ensure the quality, effectiveness and traceability of our products. Our Supply Chain Code of Conduct is the charter that connects us with our suppliers and defines the precise rules for responsible purchasing at a worldwide level.

High quality brands
need high quality distributors

The best distribution companies maintain a good reputation in their industry by delivering high-quality products through high-quality channels. We strive to do so by being responsive to changing market trends and customer needs, as well as adapting our operations to remain competitive and innovative.

We have a strong customer focus and provide personal and efficient service to our customers. This includes quick response times to inquiries, efficient order processing and efficient after-sales support. We have a wide network of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a smooth flow of products. We believe in effective communication to maintain healthy partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers.

We have reliable logistics and transport systems to ensure fast and accurate delivery of products to customers. This includes advanced tracking systems and appropriate inventory and warehouse management practices to minimize insurance and product quality.